Are you interested in reliving military history, learning more about it and disseminating that knowledge to the general public? If your answer is yes, Malta boasts of a myriad of re-enactment group which portray military units from the Roman period right up to WWII.

Two of these groups are affiliated with AMACS, both of which have been kindly allocated a premises within Fort St Elmo by Heritage Malta.

The Historical Re-Enactment Group of Malta (HRGM)  

HRGM was established in 1998 and is the largest and one of the first re-enactment societies in Malta. HRGM is dedicated to research of Malta’s past and recreating it today in the form of high quality, authentic living history military and civilian events. Currently with almost 100 members, the society is predominately involved in portraying events of the late 18th century and early 19th century, mostly the period of the Blockade of Malta and the Napoleonic Era where the Group has also a very active section engaged in Regency era dance events. HRGM is also involved in late Medieval re-enactment whereby its members portray Mdina’s civil militia as well as citizens of the walled city. 

Battlefront Living History Group (BLHG)

BLHG is focusing on World War II re-enactments & living history. It was set up in 2010 and has since striven for excellence through research and regular drill to achieve the best possible portrayal of WWII units, namely the Kings Own Malta Regiment (KOMR) and the Brigade Ramcke, an elite unit of the German Fallschirmjäger. Events include regular camps and marches for members as well as public displays which aim to be as informative as possible. BLHG members also portray civilian life in WWII Malta, a vital element of the Islands’ survival during the wartime years.