AMACS 37th AGM – 31 AUGUST 2022

The 37th Annual General Meeting shall be held at 19:00 hrs on Wednesday 31st August 2022 at the AMACS Lawrence Darmanin Range, First Floor, Clock Tower Block, Tigne’ Point TP01.

Our Statute lays down the procedure, which starts with the circulation of this notice informing our members that an EGM will be held on Wednesday 10th August to appoint two tellers to audit the accounts on behalf of the members. This is the first step leading to the actual AGM.

Please take note of the entire schedule for your better understanding and save these dates in your diary.

Wed, 27 Jul – Circulation of Notice for EGM
Wed, 10 Aug – EGM to appoint two tellers to audit accounts – 19:00h
Wed, 10 Aug – Circulation of Notice for AGM
Wed, 17 Aug – Deadline for receipt of proposals to amend Statute
Sun, 21 Aug – Deadline for receipt of nominations of candidates
Wed, 24 Aug – Circulation of AGM Agenda

We encourage your participation in this process and we invite you to contribute to the work carried out by AMACS for the benefit of the community of Target Shooters, Collectors & Re-enactors!

Angelo Camilleri

Mobile No. +356 7741 1600AMACS