AMACS membership renewals for 2022 are now available online via a revamped system, which allows you to pay your membership and insurance fees online and then print your membership book and insurance certificate from the comfort of your own home. This is the procedure you should follow:

Visit AMACS 2022 Online Renewal and log in with your Maltese mobile number (without country prefix) and your AMACS membership number (without any zeroes in front)

  1. Check your details and correct them, if necessary;
  2. Upload a recent passport-type photo of yourself;
  3. Select at least one club or select all clubs and get a 10 Euro discount;
  4. Update your licences and tick any newly-granted ones*;
  5. Select your insurance cover. If you are insured elsewhere tick ‘Other’;
  6. Proceed to pay securely through the system;
  7. You may then print your membership book and insurance certificate.

*please note carefully: you will be required to enter your licences anew – please refer to you 2021 Police licences to enter the correct details, otherwise the police office will not renew your licences. Moreover, if you are in possession of a 2021 Target Shooter Licence A Special and wish to renew it, you are obliged to send us a scan of your shooter logbook confirming that you have attended at least two range sessions using firearms with high-capacity magazine in 2021.

You will now be able to download your official receipt, which may be entered in the SHOPPER LOTTERY. You will receive ONE lottery ticket for every 25 euro spent with AMACS, giving you the chance to spend your winnings at hundreds of retail outlets, including local gun shops!

Please encourage your shooter/collector friends to join AMACS by forwarding the the 2022 membership application form, which they must fill it in clearly and have it stamped by their medical doctor. A Police Good Conduct certificate is not required if they already held a Police firearms licence in 2021.