International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC)


Although IPSC has not been present for long in our island, there is a great deal of enthusiasm for this sport and AMACS is doing it’s utmost with the resources at its disposal to help this shooting discipline develop to its full extent.

IPSC in Malta was given a great introduction and boost by the presence of IPSC President Mr. Nick Alexakos who visited us from the 17th till the 20th July 2008. During this time he held two courses for 14 participants ? a Firearms Safety Course and a Range Officer Seminar.

The latter course allowed us to start taking small steps on our own. We ordered the appropriate targets and purchased a timer in order to get things rolling.

The first event was a shoot held on 30/7/08 for which 13 participants turned up. This was a good opportunity to practice what we had learned the previous month ? both as shooters and as range officers.

Another shooting event was held on the 28/9/08 and 7 shooters took part. This weekend saw an important milestone as we ran our first Firearms Safety Course for other members of our club ? 12 new participants turned up for this course and all said that they enjoyed it immensely and felt that they had learned a lot. We were very encouraged by this turnout as it meant that the number of members who could safely compete in IPSC events was set to grow.

Another shooting event, with 8 participants and another Firearms Safety Course with 5 participants was held on the weekend of 4/10/08 ? as previously, a good time was had by all and our introductory course was getting better and better as we got used to the layout.

Interest continued to pick up, and on 25/10/08 we held a shooting event which had a very good turnout of 12 shooters (At this stage this is about the limit of what we can run). What was especially pleasing was the fact that many of the participants came from members who had attended our introductory courses in the previous weeks.

A further shooting event was held on 9/11/08 with 9 participants ? a good turnout when one takes into account the pouring rain! Interest by our club members was evident in the fact that a further 10 participants turned out for yet another Firearms Safety Course over that weekend, rain and all!

Another course and shooting event had been planned for the weekend of 20/12/08 and turnout was set to be good ? 10 and 11 members had already booked for the respective courses when unfortunately we were informed that the range was no longer available due to the need for maintenance.

We also intend to start holding regular information sessions about IPSC at our club house, complete with videos in order to let our new members know what it is all about and to further raise interest levels.

IPSC shooting is held ever Saturday/Sunday at the Victoria Shooting Range. A competition is scheduled in the near future at the Gun Blast Shooting Range in Gozo.