Malta Rifle & Pistol Shooting Club

The Malta Rifle and Pistol Shooting Club currently has a membership of over 650 members and is growing at a steady pace. It represents all rimfire and centrefire cartridge shooting activities within AMACS. Currently making use of army pistol ranges in Malta and Gozo, it?s members look forward to the day that will see other venues available which will allow the further development of their sport.

We are all keen shooters who spend a fair amount of time at the range, so we know what needs to be done. Meetings have already started being held and we are working hard on issues such as range time and are planning to start holding competitions in disciplines such as IPSC, Pin Shooting and NRA Bullseye as soon as possible whilst ensuring that all kinds of shooting are catered for. We feel that MRPSC has a dynamic, keen membership base which can contribute a great deal to the growth of sport shooting in Malta and shall therefore work to ensure that the Club reaches it?s full potential.


STATUTE MRPSC (2018-03-14)