AMACS Statute (2019-06-01)

The Association of Maltese Arms Collectors & Shooters (AMACS) was established on 12 June 1985.

Currently it compromises of seven Clubs:

  • MAMS – Malta Arms & Militaria Society
  • MMSC – Malta Muzzle-Loader Shooting Club
  • MASC – Malta Airgun Shooting Club
  • MRPSC – Malta Rifle and Pistol Shooting Club
  • MCSC – Malta Crossbow Shooting Club
  • MTAC – Malta Tactical Airsoft Club
  • MCPSC – Malta Clay Pigeon Shooting Club

The following organisations are affiliated with AMACS:

  • Historical Re-Enactment Group of Malta (HRGM)
  • Battlefront Malta

AMACS Membership currently stands at around 800, which includes a growing number of female members.

AMACS is a founder-member of FACTS – Federation of Arms Collectors & Target Shooters, which is officially recognised by SportsMalta. Moreover, AMACS is exclusively affiliated with no fewer than eight established international bodies:

  • FESAC – Federation of European Societies of Arms Collectors
  • IPSC – International Practical Shooting Confederation
  • WCSA – World Crossbow Shooting Association
  • NRA – National Rifle Association
  • WFSA – The World Forum on the Future of Sports Shooting
  • AETSM – European Metallic Silhouette Shooting Association
  • IMSSU – International Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union
  • MLAGB – Muzzle Loading Association of Great Britain

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