The 4th and last AMACS-TIER ONE firearm safety course for 2020, through which successful candidates will be presented with an AMACS certificate of  recommendation for a Target Shooter Licence A/B, shall be held on the following dates:

Part 1 & 2 – Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th December – 19:00hrs at AMACS office in Tigne’ Point

art 3 – Wednesday 30th December – 16:00hrs at Victoria Range, Handaq, followed by an assessment at the AMACS office

Part 4 – Refresher session prior to your WB examination – NEW!

The fee for existing members who wish to attend this newly-designed course is 125 Euro, inclusive of VAT.  Non-members are being offered a package price of 175 Euro, covering the course, full AMACS membership and full insurance cover.

Book your attendance by sending an email to info@amacs-malta.org and visiting the AMACS office on any Wednesday prior to the course between 14:00h and 21:00h. If you are not yet enrolled as an AMACS member, please download the application form,  have it endorsed by a medical doctor and hand it in at the AMACS office together with a recent Police Good Conduct. For any further information please phone 7741 1600 during office hours.