Our colleagues AACTS shall be launching the marksmanship programme for 2020 with the first two events being held at Gunblast Gozo.  Participation is open to members of all clubs forming part of AACTS and AMACS, which together form the Federation of Arms Collectors & Target Shooters (FACTS).

The programme will be initiated with shooting classes for beginners and for all those who have not been to the range for a while. These classes shall cover pistol, shotgun, carbine and rifle shooting. Additionally, a reloading class will be held at the AACTS clubhouse on the 24, 25 and 27 February.

These are the details of the programme:

Dates: 1 March & 4 April
Time: 08:30 – 13:00
Venue: Gunblast Range (Nadur)
RCOs: Luciano Bianco & Godfrey Pisani
Event eligible for TSA special
Results will be recorded and certified

Each shooter shall be allowed time to zero his firearm and thereafter a warm-up shoot of 10 rounds on an official target against time (30 seconds) in standing position will take place;

Firearms will be categorized according to their type (semi-auto or bolt action, open sights or optics, magazine capacity);

The maximum points awarded will be of 100 points plus X;

A certificate of participation will be given to each shooter at the end of the year at an event that will be held at the clubhouse;

A certificate of participation will be presented so that it may be submitted to the Police when it is time to renew the TSL-A Special (a minimum participation in two events is mandatory).

AMACS members interested in joining this programme should send an email to info@amacs-malta.org.