At the time that Malta implemented the new EU Arms Directive on 1st March 2019, the Police had insisted that persons who are in possession of a Target Shooter Licence A or a Target Shooter Licence A Special would have to register at least six visits to the range on their logbook by the end of this year in order to be grated a renewal for 2020.

However, in a meeting held on 30th August with stakeholders, the Police stated that this requirement applies only to holders of a TSL-A Special when renewing their licence for 2021 and that the minimum number of annual range visits is two.

However,┬áPart III, 17. (1) and Part IV, 3. (1) of Subsidiary Legislation 480.01 (Arms Licensing Regulations) clearly state that a person may apply for Target Shooter Licence A and a Target Shooter Licence B if that person “intends to acquire and keep a firearm to actively pursue the sport of target shooting”.

This would appear to contradict the last Police ruling as announced on 30th August, since the ‘active pursuit’ of the sport of target shooting applies to all types of target shooting licences.

Under the circumstances, AMACS will be raising the issue with the Police and the Ministry and requesting a formal clarification as the written law overrides any other policy.