The IPSC Team within our association has competed in yet another overseas Level III match, the “SCW Trophy, 2019” held in Vienna. Varying levels of experience were present, with some members being regulars at the match while for others it was a return after a long hiatus. For one of our members, it was his very first overseas experience.

Luke Testaferrata managed an impressive 17th place with 85% in production division. Clive Brockdorff ranked 22nd with 64% in Standard Division. Aleksandar Brankovic started getting back into his stride after some years away from the circuit with 56% in production division and Julius Kvas managed to survive a rather overwhelming first experience without putting a foot wrong in Standard division. Currently, when it comes to pistol disciplines, our IPSC members are by far the most active Maltese shooters on the international circuit – a full programme of competitions awaits them, culminating in the European Handgun Championships due to take place in Belgrade in September.