The updated Arms Act and Arms Licensing Regulations come into force today, bringing about all the amendments that were forced upon Malta by the new EU Firearms Directive.

However, thanks to our efforts, we can say that we have done very well compared to other EU member states.

As form today pre-1900 firearms which do not utililise cartridges are no longer regulated by law and are completely free. The maximum limit for Schedule II firearms held on a Target Shooter Licence A or A Special has been raised from 10 to 20 pieces. The new Special Licences come into force today and the Police are working frantically to issue these licences, at no extra fee, to those who have applied for them.

As usual, AMACS is taking the initiative to keep its members well informed. To this end we are publishing a Table of Firearm Schedules and Licences showing which firearms may be kept under all the licences and whether conditions apply.

We would like to remind you of the urgency of renewing your Police licences this week at the very latest. If you have not yet done so please login at the AMACS ONLINE RENEWAL to print your membership book and insurance certificate (and renew your membership before if you had not done so yet) and take them to your police district office to renew the licences.