Members who have not yet renewed their Police Licence, especially those who last year submitted their applications for the new ‘special’ licences, should do so urgently before the end of February.

Before you do so you must first renew your AMACS membership (and insurance in the case of the TSL) for 2019. If you have not done so already or you are experiencing any problems in obtaining your AMACS documents, please contact us on 21411600 or at

If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2019, please consider the online option, which gives you the possibility to renew from the comfort of your home, view and update your records, pay online and print the documents you need to visit your local Police office to renew your licences for 2019.

Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in at ONLINE RENEWAL
  2. A window will open asking for your membership number and your mobile number;
  3. The system will validate your login details and send a text message to your mobile number with a 7-digit code;
  4. Enter the code in the new window and you will now view your full details;
  5. Please make sure that all your details are correct, especially your mobile and e-mail address, and amend as necessary;
  6. Please upload a more recent photo of yourself to replace the one which we have been using and which is probably outdated;
  7. Confirm or amend the clubs which you wish to be a member of – please chose all clubs and benefit from a discount;
  8. Confirm or amend the insurance cover options – TPL is mandatory for shooters: if you are paying through third parties please select ‘other’;
  9. Confirm or amend the Police Licences that you held in 2018;
  10. The system will now show you the total payment due for renewal and you may proceed to pay online.
  11. You may then proceed to print your own MEMBERSHIP BOOK and INSURANCE CERTIFICATE.

We recommend that you print the MEMBERSHIP BOOK in the best possible quality on photo paper. Fold the paper/card along the dotted lines so that your details are on the front cover, club and licence details at the rear and the shooter’s logbook inside. The INSURANCE CERTIFICATE may be printed on ordinary paper.  Please note that a debit from ‘Braintree’ will appear in your credit card statement.