The AMACS President attended the World Forum’s workshop in Rome on our community’s strategy.

Stephen A. Petroni, who represents both AMACS and FESAC at the WFSA, delivered a presentation on how to apply the experience gained during the 2015-2018 Firearms Directive negotiations to our tasks during the forthcoming EU MEP Elections. He also moderated one of the discussion panels on the second day of the workshop.

The WFSA is made up of all sectors of the firearms & ammunition community, including manufacturers, traders, hunters, sport shooters and collectors. Mr Petroni drew upon his experience in leading the difficult negotiation process in Brussels to point out that unity between the sectors, which are bound together by one European community of grass root end users, is the keystone to our future. He advised that WFSA members should engage with MEP candidates in their respective countries and seek clear statements on what their position would be if they were to be elected to the EU Parliament. Such positions would then be communicated to organisations’ individual members so that they may use their vote wisely.

The European component of the World Forum represents a substantial socio-economic sector with the participation of over 12 million law-abiding and responsible citizens.

AMACS has been a WFSA member for almost 20 years while FESAC joined in 2005.