IPSC is a shooting discipline which AMACS brought to Malta several years ago, even before the local shooting community could enjoy the benefits of the changes brought about by the 2005/2006 legislation. AMACS invested time and money into the IPSC affiliation thanks to its foresight and belief that the possibility to own and use most types of firearms depended on disciplines such as IPSC. The recent changes in the EU Directive and the resultant changes in our law proved it right.

IPSC’s Regional Director Clive Brockdorff looks back on 2018 with a good deal of satisfaction. This past year saw IPSC further cement itself as the leading handgun discipline in Malta, with a steady stream of new members willing to try it out as well as a growing level of expertise among the regulars.

Local IPSC shooters had quite extensive overseas activities at all levels, at which they acquitted themselves admirably – something which makes them feel confident about future performance.

2019 is set to be another exciting year, both on a local as well as on an international level. The prospect of imminent access to more shooting facilities will lead to a surge in IPSC shooting in Malta and AMACS is committed to make that happen!

May your trigger fingers be quick and your eyes sharp!