We are pleased to announce that the new MTAC Committee is composed of Luke Cassar, Mark Cassar, Karl Von Brockdorff, Andrew Schembri and Sean Spiteri. MTAC, which is Malta’s oldest airsoft club, will shortly resume events at White Rocks, joining the rest of Malta’s leading airsoft clubs which are all affiliated with AMACS.

If you are not yet an MTAC or AMACS member but you are in possession of any police firearms licence in 2018/2019, please follow the instructions below to sign up.

  1. Download the 2019 application form, print it and fill it in clearly;
  2. Ask any two AMACS members to nominate and second you;
  3. Call the AMACS office on 77411600 to fix an appointment for an interview;
  4. At the interview hand over the documents and pay the fees;
  5. You will be granted full membership.