November Bullseye Competition

Anthony Mifsud on his way to winning the event

Anthony Mifsud on his way to winning the event

The November Conventional Pistol event saw quite a high standard of shooting with most competitors increasing their scores over previous events, which shows that we are getting used to shooting “under pressure”. In fact, the sly attempts to put pressure on one another did not seem to have the desired effect! Once more, we were limited to centrefire calibres only which makes it all rather more challenging. The placings were as follows:

First Place: Anthony Mifsud with 247 points

Second Place: Clive Brockdorff with 221 points

Third Place: John Vincenti with 200 points

Fourth Place: Philip Grech with 198 points.

We were also pleased to see a couple of new faces and encourage all members to give these events a try and not be discouraged by the single-handed shooting style – It’s challenging, fun and gives a shooter something to aim for (excuse the pun). Photos of the day may be viewed in the gallery.