Single Handed Target Pistol/Revolver Shooting at Victoria Shooting Range January and February 2016

images (1)We will be conducting ”Target Pistol/Revolver Shooting” at Victoria Shooting Range on:

Saturday, 30 January – 12:30pm

Wednesday, 10 February – 12:30pm (Public Holiday)

Friday, 19 February – 12:30m

Friday, 26 February – 12:30m

Calibers to be used are; .22 LR, 32 wadcutter, 38 wadcutter, 9×19.

Pistol and Revolvers are allowed. Shooting will be single handed.

This is open to all licensed shooters from all clubs. ?Make sure that you bring your license and insurance documents with you.

Booking with AMACS Club Secretary Dr. Jean Karl Soler by email: